Construction Contracts

Getting the construction contract right at the outset of a project will help you to maximise profit and reduce risk.

Contract & Construction Consultants has experience in all of the standard form construction contracts as well as bespoke construction contracts. We advise our clients on contracts worth tens of thousands of pounds to multi-millions. We deal with both UK and international contracts and can help you with letters of intent, drafting contracts, completing standard contract forms, drafting standard terms for your company and collateral warranties, guarantees and bonds.

Key areas of support that we can offer in relation to the preparation and review of Construction Contracts include:

- Preparation of construction contracts

- Contract reviews, risk assessments & advice

- Warranties, guarantees & bonds, and third party rights

- Novation agreements & consultant appointments

We have a wealth of experience, so if you are looking for assistance that is not in one of these areas we will almost certainly be able to assist you. Please contact us by phone, email or using our contact form for a free initial consultation to discuss how Contract & Construction Consultants can help you.

What is a Construction Contract?

A construction contract is an agreement between parties for the carrying out of construction works. The construction contract should be an important part of any construction project and should be used to agree on the exact scope of works, the allocation of risks, and the identification of the legal rights and obligations of both the party carrying out work and the party they are carrying it out for.