Preparation of construction contracts

Congratulations on getting to a stage where you can put a construction contract into place. At this point it's incredibly important to have a construction contract which accurately reflects the agreements made. The contract should cover the obligations that each party has and how the various risks have been allocated.

Too often parties sign a contract, leave it in the drawer until there is a dispute, then take it out to discover that what the construction contract actually says does not accurately reflect what they believed they were signing up to. Huge problems can be avoided by taking steps to ensure that the construction contract accurately reflects what the parties actually agreed.

How Contract & Construction Consultants can help

As an experienced construction consulting firm we are here to help you avoid these problems. We have assisted in the negotiation and amendment of construction contracts for multi-million pound projects. We provide assistance to developers, employers, contractors and sub-contractors. We have many years' experience of what can go wrong and are therefore perfectly positioned to help you identify and avoid unnecessary risks.

Every year, changes in the industry mean that there are new risks for developers, employers, contractors and sub-contractors. As we see so many different construction contracts, we are well-placed to advise on the type of contract you should use or are currently using, and the inherent risks of it and any amendments to it.

Construction contracts must always conform to construction contract law or you will run the risk of having terms implied which do not reflect what you agreed.

The proper preparation and analysis of contract documents, programmes, tenders, and warranties, together with the advice that we can provide throughout the process, ensure that your chances of successfully completing a project are significantly increased.

Construction Consultancy Services

  • Contract & Construction Consultants can assist in preparing construction contracts based on standard forms, such as those published by the JCT and NEC.
  • We can advise you on the risks posed by amendments proposed by the other party.
  • We can draft amendments to ensure that the standard form contracts suit what has in fact been agreed.
  • In addition we can draft bespoke contract conditions to suit you, either as a one-off or for you to use on an ongoing basis.

Free initial enquiry

All initial enquiries from new clients are completely free of charge so please contact us by phone, email or using our contact form for a free initial consultation to discuss how we can help you, to ensure that your construction contracts are set up properly.