Construction Contract Advice

Construction contracts can be long and highly detailed documents, often taking hours to read through and understand. This is why getting advice from an experienced construction consultant before you sign can be invaluable to protect you against contractual claims.

Hoping that good performance on site will protect you from such claims is not enough - we frequently see situations where parties have performed very well operationally but lose out commercially and contractually.

Regardless of whether your construction contract expressly mentions it, it may well be affected by construction contract law which is why it's important to ensure you are clear on any amendments to a standard form contract and the exact terms you are agreeing to.

How we can can help with your construction contract

As experienced construction consultants we advise our clients on many different forms of construction contracts and amendments to them. We know the construction act inside out, and our experience means that we can deal with the legal complexities and understand the commercial risks that need to dealt with before a construction contract is entered into.

We provide clear and concise advice and support in plain English to highlight the main issues so that you understand the risks posed by clauses such as liquidated damages clauses, and allowing you to take decisions as to how you wish to deal with or manage those risks.

For example, some amendments might present such a risk that they need to be deleted or further amended, while the risks presented by others might be able to be managed by you putting appropriate procedures in place.

We regularly provide advice on all of the standard forms such as those published by the NEC and JCT design and build, amendments to the standard form contracts, and entirely bespoke contracts. We have provided advice on, and assisted in the negotiation of, many multi-million pound construction contracts.

Negotiating a construction contract

Following our initial construction contract advice, we can continue to support you in your negotiations, including commentary on and discussion of further proposals and amendments and representation in meetings.

Often construction contract negotiations can identify solutions that would not have been uncovered in sending comments backwards and forwards. For example, an objection to a common clause which allows 'pay when paid' in event of upstream insolvency, might be overcome by an agreement to shorten the payment terms.

Free initial construction contract enquiry

Getting the construction contract right can save you thousands or even millions of pounds.

All initial enquiries from new clients are free of charge. Please contact us by phone, email or using our contact form for a free initial consultation to discuss how our experienced construction consultants can help you.