Interim applications & final accounts

Do you have a problem job on which the delta between your position and that of the other party continues to grow, month on month? Or have deductions been made in respect of allegedly defective work, or even contra-charges or liquidated damages?

Well-prepared interim applications and accounts reduce the likelihood of disputes and increase the success of your claims for payment. If formal dispute resolution is unavoidable then the better prepared your claims are, the greater your chances of success.

How we can help

We can help you. Our specialist knowledge combined with high standards of presentation guarantees that any claim we prepare becomes a valuable tool for negotiation, settlement or, if necessary, formal proceedings.

We have looked at thousands of interim applications and final accounts and have a proven track record of resolving claims in this way. We have helped many parties prepare claims, interim applications and final accounts which have given them a foundation to settle their dispute without needing to resort to formal proceedings and without incurring the time and expense they entail.

The submission of the claim is always the first step to getting what you are after. After all, if you do not ask, you do not get!

Frequently the submission of a claim leads to negotiation and a resolution of the dispute. The chances of reaching a negotiated outcome are vastly increased by ensuring that your applications and accounts are presented in a format that means that they could be relied on in formal dispute resolution procedures such as adjudication. If the other party can understand the basis of your entitlements and that you have put the hard work into explaining them already, then they are much more likely to settle.

Preparing interim applications and final accounts

A properly prepared interim application or final account will start from an analysis of the relevant legal position and entitlements, then will apply those principles to the items applied for, ensuring that they are backed up and substantiated with the appropriate evidence. It is also important to consider what is not included in the account – is there anything which should be claimed for which is missing? We can help answer that question.

Interim applications and final accounts must be dealt with promptly and in accordance with the relevant contractual and statutory provisions so that payment notices and pay less notices are issued as appropriate, as otherwise sums can become due on a 'default' basis, resulting in so-called smash and grab adjudications or, even worse, in the case of the final account, can become final and binding.

It is therefore important to take specialist advice. We can help ensure that these procedures are complied with and advise you on the best course of action to take when they are not.

Free initial consultation

We offer a one hour free initial consultation to new clients. Please contact us by phone, email or using our contact form for a free initial consultation to discuss how we can help you.