Since its introduction in 1996, Adjudication has become the most common method of dispute resolution in the construction industry. When used effectively it can provide you with an efficient and cost effective resolution to your dispute. This is a very specialist area of law with numerous procedural and tactical pitfalls for the unwary. You give yourself the best chance possible by engaging CCC for representation at the outset.

We have enormous experience in acting in adjudications for both claiming parties and defending. We have dealt with adjudications of all different types from home-owner disputes for tens of thousands of pounds to main contract disputes involving multi-millions of pounds.

CCC is best placed to act for you in adjudication because:

  • We have been involved in statutory adjudication since it was introduced, and contractual adjudication before this. We have been involved in over 1,000 adjudications;
  • Our consultants are highly trained;
  • We have provided training in adjudication to other lawyers at major adjudication conferences;
  • All of our principal consultants are members of the Adjudication Society;
  • Our adjudication cases have been heard in the High Court and the Court of Appeal and are now cited as authority; and
  • We have a number of very experienced consultants in this field and can react very quickly and cost effectively when prosecuting and defending adjudications. We are often able to take the first steps on the same day that we are instructed.

You can increase your prospects of success immediately by coming to discuss matters with us. Taking advantage of a free initial consultation at an early stage could mean a drastically different result at the end of an adjudication.