In order to get the most out of your projects and contracts, you must ensure that all those involved with them understand what to do and why.

How we can help

We provide bespoke training seminars and workshops which are tailor-made to suit the specific requirements of the companies we work with, to help them put in place effective procedures so that contracts and projects are managed in order to protect their entitlements and reduce their risk.

Our training objective

The objective of our bespoke training is to provide our clients with the contractual and commercial knowledge and skills to ensure the financial and operative success of a project within the context of their real life commercial environment.

Our training is designed to achieve maximum interaction between delegates and trainers. We encourage delegates to discuss confidential live issues, which may not be possible in a public seminar environment, and assist them to apply the principles learned in the seminar to the resolution of those issues. Our staff will provide real-life examples to contextualise the topics covered and really emphasise the vital importance of making sure that the right action is taken at the right time.

Our training equips delegates to apply the knowledge taught to their day-to-day roles. Often understanding how or why an issue is important is the key to making sure that it is dealt with appropriately when it arises on a live project. For example, the understanding that failing to follow the contractual notice provisions or failing to keep the proper records will result in effectively carrying out work for free, as demonstrated by real life examples, drives delegates to implement behaviours and practices that will protect and grow your business.

Whilst it is essential that your personnel understand and properly follow the contract we appreciate that parties to construction contracts often do not want to be seen as overly 'contractual', and can give guidance as to how to ensure that the contract is complied with, without unduly harming your relationships with your clients.

Who do we provide training to?

We provide training at all levels from the boardroom to the shop floor. We provide training to all parties to construction contracts and training can be tailored to suit the individual circumstances and requirements of particular businesses, so that it deals with the challenges that they face.

Training sessions can be carried out online if required.

What does our training cover?

We can ensure that the training we provide covers the topics that you require and are of greatest concern to you. Our clients' most common training requirements include topics such as:

  • How to get contracts right at the outset.
  • How to deal with letters of intent.
  • Standard forms of contract - what do they mean?
  • Training on specific standard forms, such as JCT and NEC, or on bespoke contracts.
  • Using contractual procedures effectively.
  • Specific and general contractual obligations.
  • Time and money clauses (such as variations, extension of time, loss and expense, early warning notices and compensation events).
  • Notices.
  • Payment - applications, payment notices and pay-less notices, and suspension.
  • The Construction Act.
  • Effective record-keeping.
  • What to do when you have not been paid.
  • Design and Build contracts.

Free initial enquiry

Please contact us by phone, email or using our contact form for a free initial consultation to discuss how we can help you provide training to develop your staff, and ensure that they have the essential knowledge and skills to protect your business.