Effective contract administration & dispute avoidance

All of our construction contract and commercial support services are focussed on assisting our clients with managing risk and avoiding disputes. Effective contract administration can be vital in achieving this.

In particular, we can assist you to deal with problems at an early stage. This will include guidance on effective contract administration and dealing with potentially contentious issues in a commercially sensitive way.

Examples of ways that we have assisted our clients are:

  • Drafting and responding to correspondence;
  • Preparing notices, including the notices required under bespoke forms of contract as well as the standard forms such as JCT and NEC;
  • Developing mechanisms to track and monitor the various commercial obligations that are required under most construction contracts so that entitlements are not lost;
  • Providing materials to be used by site teams so that they can understand the contractual processes that they have to follow more easily;
  • Development of site records and advice on record-keeping;
  • Advising the best course of action where deadlines for notices (conditions precedent) have not been met; and
  • Training.

Our extensive experience in dealing with projects that involve highly contentious claims and disputes enables us to work with clients to improve their understanding and processes to try and avoid them. Where disputes cannot be avoided, our advice puts our clients in the best possible situation to deal with them when they arise.

We offer a one hour free initial consultation to new clients. Please contact us by phone, email or using our contact form for a free initial consultation to discuss how we can help you.